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How  do  I  get  started?

Simply fill out our Client Sign Up form here! We ask for some basic information: your name, address, phone number, a description of your pet, and requested services. We will respond to you within 24 hours with a welcome email and a link to sign in to your new RidgeWalks Time to Pet account. Once you sign in, you will be prompted to finish setting up your account by editing your profile, adding your pup or kitty, and adding a credit card for billing. You can also book your requested services directly through your RidgeWalks Time to Pet account! Account setup is intuitive and user friendly, but if you have any questions you can email us or call us at any time.

who will be my pet care specialist?

Once your RidgeWalks account is set up, we will schedule a complimentary meet-n-greet at your home with the main Pet Care Specialist in your area. This meet-n-greet is a great time to review all of your pet’s care instructions, go over gear notes, get to know your Specialist, and hand off house and building keys. All of our Pet Care Specialists are local, trained professionals that have your pet's best interests at heart. Our Specialists are hired as employees (not independent contractors) which means they are thoroughly vetted, background checked and covered by Liability, Workers Compensation, and Disability Insurance. Consistency is very important to us and we strive to maintain a single Specialist for each home whenever possible. If your main Specialist is out sick or unavailable, we will notify you asap, and another of our fully trained staff will fill in until your main Specialist returns.


what  are  your  PUP safety  practices?


All RidgeWalks Pack pups have a backup measure in place during walks for added security. Our Specialists carry nylon slip backup collars and safety clips for use in addition to your pup's regular collar and gear. Before leaving your home, all pups will have 1.) Properly adjusted collar/gear 2.) ID tags 3.) A backup slip collar and/or safety clip. If you prefer us not to use the additional backup collar, just let us know and we will use our safety clip as a backup measure instead. RidgeWalks issues Blueberry 4’ nylon clip leashes to our Specialists and we stay up to date on all current brands and fear free styles of walking gear and harnesses, including head harnesses and multi-clip freedom harnesses.  

what are your covid-19 safety practices?

We are actively following vaccine rollout and city infection rates, and are continuing to take actions to slow the progression of the virus and ensure the safety of you and your pups and kitties. We take cleanliness very seriously, and are maintaining our sanitation efforts by regularly sterilizing our gear and increasing cleaning cycles. We are fully vaccinated, and will continue to wear face masks during service, wiping down gear before and after walks, sanitizing doorknobs, and using hand sanitizer between visits. We are also being conscious in our personal lives by practicing mindful greeting and limiting group gatherings to help prevent community spread. We continue to follow updates from the NYC Department of Health, and will take additional actions as necessary to help protect the community.

how  do  keys  work?

The security of your home is one of our top priorities! All client keys are filed in our secure online system by number and stored in a locked key cabinet accessed solely by the RidgeWalks owners. We use locked carabiners when out on visits, and we always ask for two sets of keys in case of emergency. Your home address will only be visible to your Pet Specialist on the day of your visit via the Time to Pet app. 

how  does  billing  work?

Clients have continuous access to all invoices through their RidgeWalks account. We email you weekly billing invoices every Friday evening for the previous week of service. You will have the option to pay directly by credit card, or ask us to set up auto payment for regular billing.

what  about  extreme  weather?

As long as your pup is willing and able to walk comfortably, we will make sure they get their full walk time. If a walk ever needs to be cut short (extreme heat, cold, snow or rain) we will always let you know ASAP and will spend extra social time inside your home with your pup. Elderly and flat faced breeds are especially sensitive to temperature extremes, and we take special care to go at your pup's speed at all times. During winter walks, we happily use booties, Musher’s Secret, or natural Pawtection rub to protect your pup’s paws from salty sidewalks, and during summer months our Specialists carry extra water in case anyone needs a mid-walk cool-down. 

do  you  walk  all  breeds?

Yes! We happily welcome pups of all breeds and temperaments!

can  my  dog  walk  in  a  group?

We love Buddy Walks as much as Solo Walks, and so do many of our pups! Let us know when you sign up if you prefer Buddy Walks and we’ll do our best to match your pup with another friendly pooch in the area. We never walk more than 4 dogs in a group, and generally aim for 2 to 3 pups at one time.